City of Richmond

The Business First Richmond program is a successful business assistance program that utilizes face-to-face interviews with top leaders of existing businesses in the City of Richmond to gather feedback on doing business in Richmond. This feedback helps the City of Richmond’s Department of Economic Development and its regional partner, the Greater Richmond Partnership, connect businesses with the resources they need to stay and grow in Richmond.

The surveys provide the Department an opportunity to learn from businesses and the factors critical to business success. Following the interview, an economic development representative may then connect businesses with the resources they need to be successful, such as assistance with facility or product expansion efforts, address permit and inspection issues, or develop a strong workforce pipeline.

For participants, it’s a simple process. A Business First representative meets business representatives face-to-face and asks questions about their experience with running your business in the region and the city. These interviews last approximately 30 minutes.

The information gathered from the businesses is used to improve the business climate in Richmond. Information obtained during the interview will be used to direct resources and assistance to the company as needed. Second, the information gathered is presented in an anonymous, summary format through a yearly published report in July. No company names are ever used as the data presented is in aggregate form, unless you approve your business being highlighted as a participant in the program.

The Business First Richmond program thanks area businesses for their contribution and commitment to the regional and city economy and gives businesses the opportunity to share their opinions about doing business in the region.


For information on how to participate as a company, please contact Betty-Anne Teter at 804-646-1823.

The Business First Visit

So you've decided to participate in a Business First visit. We're looking forward to talking to you!

This is a great oppurtunity to voice your opinion, connect with resources that might help your business today, and form a lasting relationship with your local economic development department for any needs that may arise in the future.